Saturday, August 31, 2013

Highand v. NEO

Excited to watch Justin play tonight as Highland takes on nationally-ranked Northeastern Oklahoma at home.
Jim is on his way to watch the game from Alabama via Granny's in Illinois. We will be watching online here in Germany!

Kick off is at 7:00pm Kansas time, that is 2am here in Germany! Yikes!

Justin is #82, 6'5", 220 pound TE

Here is the link to watch live online:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Y E A H ... school is in session

Maybe things can calm down now.... maybe...
Ty started college last week.
So grown up.

Well, too grown up except his mama still has to drop him off and pick him up from school every day.
Oh, well.
I think he'll survive.
The downside of living in Europe.

Friday, August 16, 2013

J O S I E ann

My heart is in Texas tonight. And, tomorrow. And, for a long time.

Justin is en route with his good friend, Jon who drove down from Chicago to pick him up.

He told me they would laugh along the way. I really hope they do. And, Jon has been told to make Justin eat.

They have lots of mamas there who are waiting to hold them and hug them and comfort them.

This brings me some peace. It's still very painful.

I know she is good and she did what she needed to do here on Earth, but it doesn't take away the pain that she is gone. As upset as I have been, I can not imagine what my dear friend is feeling. Or, her sweet sisters. Or, the rest of her family.

Gone too young.

Oh, I love her.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

time with my children is P R E C I O U S

I found this magazine article years ago.

Slipped in the front sheet protector of my binder of go-to recipes, I usually read through it when I am planning meals.
8 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make
I am inspired by them all, but as I opened my recipe book over the weekend, my eyes were immediately drawn to resolution number eight. 
I will remind myself daily that time with my children is precious.
This last weekend, we received the devastating news that as a result of a car accident, Justin's girlfriend from high school is now gone. Last fall, as he chose to go to Kansas to play football, she went to Central Michigan University to play soccer.
The accident was Friday. She passed away Sunday night.
As I had to tell Coleman and Caden the news, I simply started by saying, "Josie was in a car accident." Caden's face dropped and he immediately asked, "Did she break her arm?" I think like most the thought would never run through his mind that she is no longer alive. 
Thoughts immediately ran through my head that she was a tough, strong, healthy, young gal who would make it. She's a fighter and determined. I think for me, that made it even more unbelievable to think of her not making it.
As soon as she passed, my friend Amy's words were posted on Facebook:

Josephine passed away tonight 11:30pm. We are all at peace. She is donating organs . We will know funeral arrangements in a few days. Only rule: wear bright colors!

I love you all and this has been an amazing journey with Jo. I will miss her so much but Pete and I are very much at peace. We have had some amazing insights into who our daughter was. I can't wait to share everything with you all.
Even having gone their separate ways almost a year ago, we have all been greatly affected and shaken- especially Justin as he is already struggling with long days of conditioning and two-a-days at football.
You never expect this to happen to someone you know.
As much as I have cried uncontrollably this weekend, I have also had some strong feelings as I have thought about her continually which have brought a tiny bit of peace.
It's hard to find a picture of Josie that she is not smiling- she was so happy.  
Family is everything. She was the oldest of five girls. Four girls now are really missing their big sister. Two are between Ty and Coleman, one is Coleman's age and one just older than Caden.
How we treat others is huge. The outpouring and comments of love on her Facebook page and in articles is beyond touching.
She saw and did more things in her short time here than most people do in a lifetime.
They are working on funeral arrangements now. Along with her soccer coach here in Germany and another friend, we are putting together a service/reception next week and a memorial run/birthday party in two weeks.
Usually one to like to simplify things, I had the feeling today that we need to go BIG.
Her soccer coach had the idea to take donations and start a Josie student-athlete scholarship fund given to a Ramstein High School student who shows the character that she displayed. 
No doubt, t is going to be a long week. I also think it will help those of us here to focus on the positive and feel some peace.
The number of lives that she impacted is growing by the minute.
Josie is fine. She's done her work and I have no doubt passed her test of life with flying colors, just as she passed every other test here.
The calls, texts, messages and understanding friends, coaches {past and present}, family and especially Justin's sweet, patient, sensitive Ashten have meant the world.
I will remind myself daily that time with my children is precious.