Monday, August 24, 2009

EWF & Chicago

When they announced on the radio that Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago were putting on a concert together here in Wichita, I called Jim immediately and let him know that he had to take me to it. I love both bands- it's a toss-up for me which I like better. I was so crazy-excited! It got even more exciting for me the next day as I won tickets on the radio! Ty actually thinks he gets to take credit for winning them since I woke him up (lazy summer morning) handed him his cell phone with the number and told him when to call in. His phone just happened to be the one who got through.

Anyhow... free tickets, hot date... I've been pumped since June! This weekend finally came and needless to say, I was not one bit disapointed! What a great concert- I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time! Our seats were amazing- right up near the front on the floor and the music was incredible! Those guys can PLAY- amazing instrumentals! EW&F has been together for 40 years now, which is probably part of the reason we felt like the youngest in the crowd! The two groups started together, played separated and ended together... old favorites, new tunes... it was all fabulous!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Justin- our Sophomore

I've taken a photo the first day of school of my boys every year without fail since kindergarten. This year, Justin is driving to school and left the house without his picture being taken or even saying good-bye... I turned my back and he was gone! Oh well, I got him on day two.

School is in full swing- everyone made it through week one and is actually having a great time- at least Ty and Coleman. Justin's a little tired from two-a-days for football. Also, we learned that his cleats (which fit in June at football camp) are too small. He had huge blisters from wearing them the first day, then bloodied up ankles the second day... he's now in size 14's.

Here's Justin's new (2000) car. We sold the DelSol realizing it was just too small and sporty. We needed something a little bigger for him so he could taxi the other boys around when needed... this is what we ended up with. Hopefully, we won't be purchasing or selling any more vehicles in for a LONG time...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tyler is a FRESHMAN

Oh no- that means two in high school! Actually, I'm pretty excited to have survived Middle School... I think that's where the hormones rage and attitudes kick in! I think Freshmen are much more mellow- we'll see if Ty proves me right!

He thought he was too old for his 1st day of school photo...wrong! I made him pose before we took off. For high school freshmen and new kids here, they have a 1st day scavenger hunt with a map to learn the school. I was so impressed when Justin was a freshman last year and did it. I love the idea. Candy, meeting the teachers, no upper classmen... should be an easy day for him.

Coleman's First Day of School

He's officially in school! Coleman's been pretending to ride the bus, go to practice and do his homework for the last couple years... his day finally arrived! It's only half-day kindergarten, so it should be a breeze. He was pretty excited! Three down, one to go!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two TEEN drivers

After a solid TWO hours in line at the DMV, Tyler passed his test and now has his driving permit! Yikes- have to admit I'm a little nervous. While driving home, we were literally 10 minutes from home so I let him drive- nice mom, right? He tried to make a right hand turn instead of turning left- totally turned around. He made it known that he knows where we live, just doesn't know how to get there.... not a good sign!

Just a warning to those with upcoming teens... adding Justin to our insurance (since he now has his restricted license to drive alone to school) was a huge SHOCK to us! He increased our auto insurance by $90 a month... almost doubling our premium. We weren't prepared for the shock! That's with him being a good student and taking driver's Ed! Ty might not get his license until he's 18... who knows how much higher they'll jack it up! That's with our record being clean!!! Kids are so expensive!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Abundance

I feel so blessed. While growing up, we used to have Christmas Eve every year with our family friends, The Jensens'. For some reason, one of the things that I remember most (besides the kids having to eat at the fireplace on the floor...) was the cucumbers she had cut up in the salad. Not a fancy salad, but I remember LOVING the taste of the cucumbers and thinking they had to be SO expensive! Yes, produce in Alaska is expensive but even worse it usually just doesn't taste like fresh produce. I feel I've come full circle now having more cucumbers than we can eat. We just send Ty around the neighborhood to see if anyone else wants any!
Needless to say, I love cucumbers and am THRILLED that for the last month, I can just go out to our garden every day and pick as many as I want to! Tyler and I eat at least 2-3 a night and I can't imagine ever being sick of them! Small pleasure, I know! Yesterday, Jim and I went out to pick some veges and I was so excited with what we found- sweet corn, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers,green peppers... I'm already plotting our garden for next year! Salad anyone?