Saturday, February 27, 2010

IV's, Cat Scans & Blood Draws

Wow! What a long week! Wednesday, Coleman finished his antibiotic (10 days) from having strep throat, but came home from school with a sore throat. Fever kicked in quickly, so I scheduled him an appointment with the doctor, yet AGAIN! Poor guy has had strep, chest congestion and an ear infection this month alone. They drew his blood and the doctor immediately let me know I needed to take him straight to the hospital. They did a direct admit and before we knew it, he was having more blood work, an IV started, x-rays, cat scans, and we were there for the remainder of the week. With a fever and elevated white blood count (started at 32,000, 8,000-9,000 is the norm), we knew his body was fighting something- we just weren't sure what it was. Three night, four days later- we still aren't totally sure what it was, but he's improved and we're relieved to be home!

The doctor thinks has (or had) mono, or some type of bacterial infection. Same thing happened when he was just over a year old- high fever ended up being a viral infection. It's these sick times that make us SO appreciate having healthy kids! Looks about the same to us- same blankets, just a little faded.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flat bread PIZZA

One thing we ALL love for dinner is pizza! I've made so many variations over the years... good 'ole English muffin pizzas, quick rising yeast doughs, forever-to-make slow yeast doughs... yucky carbs & sugar that make you feel sick and stuffed after eating!
Not sure if I'm the last mom on Earth to discover Greek (Mediterranean) flat bread, but I'm now in LOVE with this stuff. In case you haven't tried it, you can find it in on the shelf next to the pitas in the bread isle. No waiting for the dough to rise, these little guys are ready to load up with toppings. Makes the quickest, but best homemade pizza. Healthier, and definitely cheaper than take out, it's definitely become one of our new weekly staples- everyone can pile on their own favorite toppings. Tyler and Coleman still prefer softer Papa John's crust, but Justin said he'd take this over any other pizza!
Some of our favorites... fresh spinach, pepperoni, ham, fresh tomato, mushroom, green & red peppers, fresh grated Parmesan, fresh oregano, hot banana peppers, bacon... of course, lots of cheese!
I use about 1 T pizza sauce (straight from the jar) for each flat bread, load with toppings and bake 425 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Add a side salad, and dinner is finished! Yummy!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Please PUT me to BED

Our poor little guy! This winter has brought too much sickness to our home! Luckily, the big guys, Jim and I have been able to avoid the flu/colds/cough/fevers. This last week, Coleman and Caden have been down. Caden was sick first, then Coleman missed school all last week. I finally took Coleman in and the doctor said he had a pretty good rattle in his chest. We've worked to get him well and hopefully AVOID pneumonia.

This weekend, Caden took another turn- fever is back, snotty and coughing like crazy day and night. Last night, he said to Jim, "Daddy- would you please put me to bed." You know one of our kids is really sick when they want to go to sleep. Hopefully, they're on the way back to wellness...