Tuesday, March 30, 2010

S P R I N G calfs

I love just about everything about SPRING... tulips coming up, warmth, track meets, thunderstorms, getting the mower out, planting seeds, kids playing OUTSIDE... But, I think one of my very favorite things this time of the year {especially living here} is new baby calfs. They're so cute, so wobbily, so new. One of the simple joys of living in the country- they're all around us!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coleman v. Caden

It's impossible not to compare my boys- personalities, size, likes, dislikes. Justin used to love broccoli even as a toddler, when most that age are picky. He still will pick real food over sweets any day, but he's also (along with Caden) my most impatient. Coleman is for the most part mellow and plays so well by himself as he has since he was walking, decision making is tough. Ty has been on Tyler-time (no concept of time) since he was little, but is also very loving. Don't rush him! Caden- fiesty since he could scream (birth), but so sweet as well. It's crazy to me how even as little packages- they're total individuals, but also completely opposite!!

I was reminded of the extreme difference between Coleman and Caden as we went to the park the other day. There were orange cones set up around the merry-go-round. Both boys noticed them, but as we were leaving, Caden {H A D} to go through and knock them all down. Coleman was already in the van and we were waiting to leave and couldn't believe what his brother was doing. I didn't think it was that big of a deal- maybe, I should have stopped and made him stand them up again. On his own, Coleman jumped out of the van, ran over to the overturned cones and set them back up. To Caden, the cones were meant to knock down, rules to be broken. For Coleman, it's a big deal for the most part to follow the rules. Oh, Kindergarten's going to be {fun} with Caden... I'm kind of glad he misses the cut-off date and I get him home another year. Oh... to channel his will and energy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coleman is S I X

It was all Bakugans and Transformers around here as Coleman turned 6 yesterday! I miss the days of hot wheels and don't like this Bakugan stuff, but they LOVE it. Guess it's not much different than the Pokemon/Yu-gi-oh stages that Justin and Ty went through... boys!

We started his day with cupcakes and singing in his kindergarten class. Jim showed a glimpse of his creative side and thought of using candies to make a C on the cupcakes... super easy and very cute! Way to go, honey! We met Daddy for lunch and play at the park. Then, it was a LONG wait until dinner and opening his gifts. He first wanted pizza and shrimp, but ended up choosing steak and shrimp shish-ka-bobs... yummy loaded with the good stuff for us, too (zucchini, yellow, red & green peppers, onion, grape tomatoes, yellow squash). It was chocolate cake and singing Happy Birthday again with our good friends. Fun day... I'm just glad birthdays only come once a year!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fresh DIRT

I felt the warmth of the sun on my face this weekend. Real warmth- the first time since maybe September or October. For me, it's as good as pounding a Red Bull. I can feel the engergy enter my body, crazy as it sounds. It also gets me SUPER excited to get our garden started and work in the dirt. Before our inch of rain this week, we did get out and tilled up our dirt. Ah, the smell of dirt... can't wait to get my hands in it! Of course, Caden worked along side his Daddy the entire afternoon. We're getting our seeds planted this week...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a MILLION little black birds

We're used to black birds, but last week a zillion decided to fly through our yard- it was just crazy! Check out this little video clip. Felt like it was straight out of a movie!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caden missed HIS brother

As rough as last week was... no sleep and an abundance of worry for us, pokes and sickness for Coleman... Caden had a rough time too! Jim brought him to the hospital one day only to be stopped at the door. No kids allowed. Not his room door, the main hospital door- no kids allowed under the age of 12.

He just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to see HIS brother. He did well at home with Grandma and a couple visits to play with our friends, but still r e a l l y missed his brother. On Saturday, as I was ready to head back to the hospital after tag-teaming with Jim, Caden curled up in a ball on his bed and said- "I'm staying in bed all day today..." Poor little guy! It was such a reunion for two little buddy brothers once we were finally home. You would have thought it was a year apart...