Thursday, April 25, 2013

44 or so D A Y S

I can't believe it has been more than a month since my last post.
More than forty days. That might be the longest blogging dry spell that I have had since moving to Germany.

It's not that anything extraordinary has been going on. Just life. Good life.

We have had a few little changes that have kicked our schedule up a notch.

Jim is now in a new job {back on the flightline, out of his headquarters office} with a new schedule, little flexibility and longer hours.
I'm in a new full-time permanent sub job in a pre-k special needs room. Most days, I love it. It is nice being at Caden's school on the boys' schedule. Of course- summer off is a nice thing too.

Both are good jobs- we both feel blessed especially with so much government turmoil to be in a good place.

Coleman turned 9!
Jim has a birthday- TODAY!

Justin has been in Spring training. He flies home in a few weeks. We can't wait. I miss having my kid around.
Ty started track {hurdles, shot & disc} and is trying to stay healthy- stinkin' shin splints. Do they ever go away? He's enjoying lifeguarding on the weekends. He's really enjoying the extra fun money.

Graduation is just over a month away- yikes!

Coleman and Caden are playing baseball. Four days out of seven, we are on the ball field. I love it now that the sun has FINALLY decided to come out here in Germany.

It was a LONG, GREY winter here. Oh, we have missed the sun.
I will try to avoid going another 44 days without checking in to journal our happenings.