Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Master Husband

I'm so proud of my husband! He FINALLY got to sew on his stripe for earning his new rank of Master Sergeant! After testing last February, he found out last June that he made it. One year later, he finally has it!

This is probably the one area of the military that I understand the least. It seems in any other job, if you pass your test, or are promoted it's immediate. Not so in the Air Force. While everyone up for promotion tests about the same time, they award the stripe (along with the raise) in order starting with those who have been in the military the longest. If you're on a faster track and have been in less time, you even have to score higher than those with more time in service. To me, it almost seems like you're punished for testing well and passing faster. There are some who tested the same time as Jim,who sewed on their stripe last August and have enjoyed the raise almost a full year longer.

On the flip side, they have no problem immediately moving them in to a job with more responsibility. I'll probably never understand it- guess it is what it is! At any rate- it was a very nice ceremony, we're happy his time finally arrived!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I love pretty much everything about SUMMER... hot days, warm nights, flip flops, no school, mowing, happy boys, the pool.... all of it! It's definitely my favorite season!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Hit

He's getting the hitting down!

T Ball Humor

T-ball is in full-swing now, with two games under Coleman's belt he's finally (almost) got the routine down to run from first to second to third...
He still can't resist the temptation to run from the outfield in to any where on the field to pick up a loose ball. Oh well... he'll get it!

It's quite entertaining to watch. The coaches HAVE to have some patience along with a sense of humor.

Here's a little clip of Coleman.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eight Kids and a couple of Dogs

I've often said if my pregnancies weren't so horrible, I probably would have had more kids. That doesn't mean Jim was on board, that was just my idea. This week, I'm getting a small taste of what it may have been like...
Our dear friends had to go out of state, so we have their four girls and pup this week. They're darling girls, and fit in like the sisters our boys never had (or will have). I've never had to fix little girl's hair- didn't know if I could even do a simple pony tail, but we've managed! Our little Lady absolutely loves having little Buster (their beagle) to run with all day.

We're on day four and it's been a smooth week- so far. Just a little more laundry, cooking, cleaning and craziness! Overall- quite enjoyable!

Friday, May 8, 2009

No MORE Training Wheels

Our sweet little Caden just couldn't be left behind! As soon as Coleman was riding his bike without training wheels, we knew Caden would be quick to follow. Last week, he begged his daddy to take his training wheels off. To Jim's surprise, Caden just took off! He's only 3 1/2! He's a fast little guy, and SO happy to be a "big kid" on his bike! We know we have to keep his determination focused in the right direction. Once he sets his mind to something, it's hard to convince him otherwise! He's giving us all a workout running with him to help him around the corners. Here's a short video clip of him cruising down our dirt road with Uncle Dana.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So much BETTER

Yes, I'm doing much better now that I have my Jim back. It was a long two weeks apart, but we survived. We've had a long week of nothing but rain... so our swamp is back and the frogs are happy campers back there! On a positive note, we're thrilled with how green everything is- especially our front grass. Really- it's the simple things that get me so excited!

Tyler took first in his track meet last week in the 200 hurdles. He finished 2nd in the 100 hurdles and 1st in a 4x200 relay. So impressive since it was just his second WEEK doing hurdles HIS WHOLE LIFE! Justin placed 3rd in disc- while disappointed, we were pleased since there were close to 20 kids competing. He's just so dang competitive.