Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Justin v. Caden

Oh, my sweet Caden Luke. A fight broke out at our house this last weekend- it was Justin v. Caden. With the big boys home, we assigned jobs to chip in and help around the house. Justin "chose" to vacuum, and jumped right in to get it done. As soon as the vacuum turned on, Caden went running to see what was up. You know- he thinks it really is his vacuum. He picks up the rugs and actually does a pretty good job. I finally got Justin to distract him by getting him to clean the bathroom- his 2nd favorite job.
Weekdays are a little easier for Caden, he doesn't have his brothers in the way... today, it was vacuuming and windows. Last week, he brought the garbage can in after the trashman came, then decided that he needed to take it to the street EVERY day... because we had trash... neighbors probably think we're crazy!!

The child LOVES to clean and work... it's a great quality... now, if only he would quit making messes... I'd maybe get on top of things!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

I'm so happy to have Halloween over... but, I did take a few photos!
My sweet neighbor girls showed up just in time to finish the slimy work carving out our pumpkins! For some reason, my boys don't do pumpkins so well, and I always end up doing them!
Coleman was Optimus Prime & Caden was a little Bumblebee... love Transformers in this house!