Monday, August 23, 2010

this BOY loves his DOG

This little boys loves his dog- & last week, I so needed her! In our house, DADDY puts the little guys to bed. Coleman's easy, Caden's still {{no surprise}} our little spitfire! It's a chore that I simply can't take over because Caden always wants his daddy! Well, the last two weeks, Jim was out of town on two separate work trips. Dang, I was stuck. After 2 hrs + one night laying with Caden, he still wouldn't go to sleep. I plopped him on my floor totally frustrated. Little Ladybug got up, walked over, laid down with him... and put him to sleep. Oh... what would I do without her!? It was even better to get our Daddy back...

Monday, August 16, 2010

SIX... 6... SECHS... S E X

Oh, my sweet little Coleman is a first grader today! School's back in... full days, spelling tests on Fridays and reading for him will be a change for him! While unpacking his backpack with the handful of papers, I came across this (see below) sheet he filled out....oops...

I might need to explain to his teacher we've started learning German. For the last two weeks, when I've asked them questions which they can answer in German, I've had them use their German. I took it in high school, but am jumping back in to the language teaching the little guys. We have a few CD's and a workbook we just checked out from the library. The German word for six {{6}} is sechs... but it sounds like sex, right? Guess we might need to work on our spelling... or, maybe I'm just confusing my kids a bit... oh no!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last week of V A C A T I O N

I'm usually the mom who is never quite ready for the kids to go back to school. As much as I wish I was disciplined and routined, I like a more relaxed summer schedule. I'd much rather stay up until midnight and forego waking up at 6am. Always been that way. However, as the boys are on their last week of summer break, I think I might just be ready for the first time for school to start. It's stressful trying to sell a house, which means keeping it clean top to bottom... too much work!

Jim keeps reminding me it will be easier with them in school all day (especially Coleman) but, I'll still have Caden home. Since we'll only be here just over 2 months of school, I'm going to wait until we get to Germany to put him in preschool.
With just one week left, I think we're going to have to try to enjoy the pool a few more times... 100 degrees today, doesn't seem like summer should be over!