Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow DAY... NO school

I guess we did get a little... not the 4-8" we were anticipating! Not even enough to cover the grass or the sidewalk. But, it's snow! The boys were all excited to have an extended weekend, but bummed there isn't even enough to make a snowman! Oh well... I'm not complaining!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not quite SPRING

Oh, I just LOVE seeing my little guys as they start to poke out and show themselves... BUT... not while listening to the weather warning of a winter storm coming through! Tulips are on the way, apparently, so is more winter!! Yesterday, our temps were in the 50's- today, there's already a chill in the air!
Ah... I love a sign of spring- too bad it will be buried under new, white snow within the next 24 hours! At least it is on the way, right?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Little LadyBUG

Exactly one year ago, we fell in love with these two big, brown eyes staring up at us though the kennel chain link at our local Kansas Humane Society. We knew we wanted a family pup to grow up with the boys however- we hadn't had the best luck in finding the right "fit" for our family. I thought she had an ugly, smashed face but, she was the right medium size. Jim immediately thought she was cute. We took her into a "visiting" room- and didn't take long for us to know we HAD to adopt her.
Our little LadyBUG (aka Bugsy, Lady) has been above and beyond the best pup a family could ever want! While we didn't know too much about Boxers (she's a Boxer-mix) we've definitely fallen for the breed. They're ABSOLUTELY a kid's dog- Caden especially is all over her ALL the time and she LOVES him. While a bit protective, she's as calm or full of energy as we are. While sitting at my desk, she'll curl up in a ball and keep my feet warm. But, if you want her to go for a run- she'll play hard! Loyal, Loyal, Loyal!! Stubborn, but so full of personality! We just love her!!
For all of the expense, work and clean-up of having a family dog, she's more than earned her spot in our hearts- can't imaging not having her!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dribble - SHOOT

Caden's so excited he's old enough to be in basketball with Coleman! Their basketball clinic is Saturday mornings for kids ages four-six. As you can see, Caden's about average height where Coleman pretty much towers over the other kids... We're realizing, he really is a big kid- in the 95 %ile for height and weight! Caden does the combo defensive-stance dribble- gotta love watching little guys! I have video I'll post as soon as I can!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah... opposites do attract

Yes, he's ok! Yesterday (1/11), Jim had surgery to repair a hernia. It's been there for a while, he's just put it off- dreading the surgical experience. After getting the worst nurse possible to start his IV (and missing over and over... then, digging over and over) they got his blood pressure back down and the IV started. Took a few hours to get the color back in his face. He came through just fine- then, got out of recovery and back home as quickly as possible!

My favorite part (the only good part) of surgery is the great painkillers that come along with it to take the worries away... Jim, on the other hand is already making his list of things to do since he can't stand to stay down for ANY amount of time. I think this is probably where Caden gets it... I LOVE this quality in him- searched for a man with this quality- but, wish he'd chill for at least a little while so we don't end up back in getting it repaired. I hate that he had to go in, but so happy to have him home for at least a week while recovering!