Monday, May 17, 2010

G R O W garden G R O W

SEVEN zucchini plants, 8-10 cucumber plants, Alaskan peas, green beans, two spaghetti squash, four cantaloupe, two watermelon, a row of beets that only I'll eat, red and green peppers, two broccoli plants and more seeds in the ground, two types of lettuce, cauliflower, a row of carrots thinned already with room to grow, three rows of sweet white corn that better pollinate each other and 24, yes, 24 tomato plants each in their own little cage! All I can say is... it better GROW!! Caden also planted a row of pumpkin seeds that will grow hopefully in time for Halloween!

I can already taste the fresh veges that should last a good part of the summer and fall. The goal is to have enough to put some up for this winter. Yummy salsa, tomato sauce, green beans... I hope to have Granny's mason jars covering every square inch of our kitchen and dining room... full of yummy, healthy homegrown goodness. For now, we'll keep our milk cartons on making little greenhouses, and baby it until the S U N gets a little warmer.

Monday, May 3, 2010

ALL 3 of my DISC throwers

It's so hard to take photos of Justin doing disc... he's always behind the chain-link fencing. But, I can get photos of my little guys doing their disc in the grass behind the big guys. Caden's our "mini Justin" and has meets just like his older brother. Both Justin and Caden walk around the house spontaneously practicing their form.

With back pain since football season, we finally took Justin in to the doctor last week. He's having to sit out a week (no track, no weight training) and it's killing him. That kid LOVES weight training. As we were walking out of the doctor's office, he was already trying to figure out what weights he could lift that wouldn't hurt his back... Hopefully, he just needs a little rest and he doesn't have a major injury. We'll see... Best part of going to the doctor... he measured 6'4 3/4" with his shoes on, so he's now a solid 6'4"... that put a smile on his face!