Monday, September 28, 2009

No More Babies

I used to think that women who had hysterectomies were so old. My thinking has definitely changed- especially since I am going in for the surgery tomorrow. I don't feel old at all, but I'm having a hysterectomy. After Caden was born, we knew our family was complete- no more pregnancies for this body! So, I had a tubal. That was almost three years ago... now, I'm at the point that I don't even want my uterus in there at all. It's served its purpose and I'm so done with it- and the girly problems that come with it!!

I don't do well slowing down... but, know this will knock me off my feet for a while. I should only be in the hospital one night. My doctor is using robotics- pretty high tech. Ty said, "Better hope it doesn't grow a brain, mom... it might start fighting with the doctor..." So much humor in our house!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Too many GREENS

I've known all along that Jim really hates painting. This weekend, I learned a how deep his hate really goes. He let me know that he'd rather clean out hog stalls (with his hands) than paint. That's pretty bad. So, I consider myself a lucky girl that he agreed to paint our living room/kitchen this last weekend. As if that wasn't bad enough for him... we painted ALL day Saturday only to wake up Sunday and learn that I really didn't like the color at all. So, we bought more paint and painted again all day Sunday enlisting Justin's help and height. Not a fun weekend... but, I love the new color! Good thing, since I wasn't getting another chance! I think it will take me the rest of the week to finish it up!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football in FULL swing

Football season is officially started! Justin is playing and had his first game this week. While the boys weren't too excited for the 90 degree weather, my mom and I were LOVING the view and the heat while watching from the bleachers! I just love this time of year!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandma Shellene's Move

For those of you who don' t know... our lives are about to change...

This week, Jim and I are driving to pick up his mom in Illinois. Her health has declined drastically in the last few months leaving her almost completely confined to a wheelchair. We're moving her to our home permanently in order to be able to take care of her. We know it will be a bit of a transition as we work to make our home handicap accessible. While we love her dearly, it will be an adjustment for all of us- we're just grateful that we have the space and are able to take her in. Hopefully, we'll have the strength and direction to be able to find answers to her medical needs.

I've already warned the others (parents)- anyone else needs help- we'll pull the hid-a-bed out in the living room, throw them all together- just like on Willy Wonka... Fortunately, the other three are in good health!

Lucky for us... my mom is on a plane as I type... on her way to help as we get things set up. We get to keep her for a month! We're all thrilled, especially Caden who can't wait to snuggle with Grandma!