Tuesday, September 2, 2014

INCREDIBLY proud of our #89

It was absolutely incredible. An evening we will never forget. We feel so blessed to have been able to watch our big guy play the biggest game of his college career thus far.

He definitely made us proud. It ended in a 42-35 loss, but the Bears never gave up in front of a record-breaking attendance for a season opener of 60,778 fans. We were a speck of purple in a sea of red. Lots and lots of red.
photo credit to Josh Goff, UCA Athletics
Here are just a few of the bold predictions in the media before the Texas Tech v. Central Arkansas game Saturday night.

"Give me Texas Tech 70-13. I have a lot of faith in this offense and I think the defense, as always, will be looking to prove they’re better this year."

"48-17 Red Raiders. I see this as a similar game to Texas State in 2012 when Tech traveled to San Marcos in terms of scoring, but not quite as bad. Could see Tech go up 21-0 and just coast."

"Texas Tech will come away with an easy victory with the final score being 50-10. This game will help the team keep their momentum going strong."

"Final score – 56-13. One game closer to a bowl, zero games closer to learning anything about this year’s team."

"I’ve said from the beginning this spells blowout due to UCA’s new coaching regime. If Patrick Mahomes is as good as he’s been advertised in fall camp, you could see big numbers put up from the 1′s and 2′s. 70-7 Tech."

Bold Predictions that turned to shock and embarrassment as our Bears not only held their own, but almost pulled out an upset against this huge Big 12 team.

From the beginning, Caden knew his big brother would do well. His prediction was that Central Arkansas would win. Along with admitting he was embarrassed, the Tech coach also had this to say...

"I felt like too many guys were just coming out there thinking it was UCA and we were going to run all over them, but we didn't."

Our Bears kept it exciting from the beginning to the end.

With games every weekend, we have a busy fall. A busy fall that we are so excited to watch unfold. This week is their first game at home. We are all {Caden especially who was not happy with the Tech fans and their "guns up" cheers} looking forward to be a part of the majority surrounded with purple.

It has not been an easy transition to retirement. I'd like to say we have been strong and gone on without missing a beat. The truth is it has been incredibly difficult and we have struggled.

Being able to get Ty into Wichita State and the opportunity to be close and watch Justin each week has made it worthwhile- our main motivation to retire and start this new stage of life. 

There are no regrets. It is going to be an exciting fall. We can't wait!

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